Sri Kaleshwar left his physical body and entered in Mahasamadhi on 15th of March, 2012. During his lifetime he predicted on various occasions, that he would be even more powerful and accessible to support his students in their processes, once he could leave the limitations of the physical body behind. While still in his physical form, he shared, that he spends most of his meditation time connecting to the souls of future students and their students. He said:  "I am working with millions of students to come."

Sri Kaleshwar was the first Avadhut, who shared incredible, ancient knowledge and healing techniques (from thousands of years old palm leaf books) with a large group of dedicated students from all over the world. Some of them lived and studied with him for many years at his ashram in Penukonda. He said, that his greatest gift to the world, are his students. The powerful energy which emanates from his Samadhi is accessible to all living beings, available for everyone, wherever they are on this globe. His legacy is in the hands of his students, to share and spread his mission of love, to walk the path he initiated.

"When my bones are in earth, that radiation, that earth piece - it turns like huge magnet, like a radio station to sending energy... Even any student of my student, their hearts is open, this earth energy like a magnet radiation, like radio station vibrations - they will receive it. They got the healing, it becomes like a huge magnet. That place, my bones place, it turns like magnet, that earth place. Even if you cover with the sand and mud - electric shock-like electric vibrations, it flows giving positive energy."