The Dwarkamai is the most important power spot in the ashram.  It is composed of an outside Veranda on the north side of the building, the “outer room” on the east side of the building, containing the murti (an enlivened statue) of Mother Divine – Kanaka Durga, and the “inner room” on the west side, which is the home of Sri Kaleshwar’s Samadhi, where his body was buried in March 2012.  

During Autumn Navarathri of 2011, Sri Kaleshwar installed the Kanaka Durga Mother Divine Murti.  She is a peaceful form of Durga, the Fierce Warrior, who has softened after the battle of negativity on the planet has been won.  With her beginning hint of a smile, and strong right palm facing out blessing whomever is in front of her, she is pure graceful luminous motherly love.   Since the inner room is the most powerful spot in the entire ashram, Sri Kaleshwar chose to be in Samadhi here, according to Kaleshwara Vaastu principles.



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