In support of the community in Penukonda, where food insecurity is prevalent on a large scale, we have introduced a new program, “Women4Women”, which provides nutritious food for pregnant and breastfeeding women in need, on a regular monthly basis.

Typically, a housewife, whether she is pregnant or not, does not plan her diet based on her nutritional needs, for several reasons.  Maybe she is too preoccupied with making sure her family is fed anything at all, or perhaps the right kind of food is not available, and in many cases there is not enough awareness and knowledge about nutrition.  In any circumstance, insufficient nutrition has put pregnant and lactating women at high risk, increasing the rate of birth defects among newborns and stunting childhood development.

The idea behind “Women4women” is to improve maternal health that will have a direct impact on the child's nutrition. This will help curb child malnutrition, the single biggest contributor to under-five mortality.  Adequate nutrition during the first 1000 days could have a profound impact on the capacity of the child to grow, and learn, and eventually get out of poverty.  

Apart from providing food, nurses from the Shirdi Sai Medical Clinic look after these women and visit them in their villages, to find out about their needs and to create awareness on topics of general health.

​If you are interested in supporting our new Project "Women4Women” and would like to take care of those in need, you are more than welcome to volunteer or donate.