Advanced Teachings

Sri Kaleswar's mission and aim is to bring a new kind of spirituality to the planet, a spirituality that uplifts humanity by creating happiness in every person’s heart.  In doing this, the old belief systems in the world will transform into more loving kind reflections of unconditional love and kind forgiving nature.  Sri Kaleshwar gave us a practical spirituality which when correctly implemented, may make your life a divine message to this planet, and create spiritual masters, not students.

As we learn the ancient knowledge brought into the modern age by Sri Kaleshwar, a deep soul longing develops as dedication grows.  There exists a vast knowledge of Sri Kaleswar's advanced teachings which can be accessed and studied with a certified teacher.  These include techniques such as Paramashiva Yoga, JC Channels and Datta-Kriya. 

"Belief, faith, surrender, dedication, determination are so important to reach your goals. It doesn’t matter what I teach. It doesn’t matter what you believe. What you practice is important. The right direction brings the results. It needs an open heart and pure surrender to the Divinity. You really want to know the truth. You really want God’s love in your heart. You really want to receive the God energy in your heart. If you’re really dedicated to that, of course, God is the fair judge, He’ll come in you. He will take care of your heart forever and ever, until you reach in Him. If you don’t dedicate to that, you’ll be under a lot of hurdles, waves in the ocean, a lot of illusions, a lot of unhappiness, a lot of troubles. With a strong determined heart if you really want to know God you have to practice." - Sri Kaleshwar®



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