Navyashree Free Eye Hospital

Brings light into people's lives. By giving them clear sight again through free cataract operations and looking after the general health of their eyes.

The Shirdi Sai Global Trust (SSGT) has been looking after the eye health of the population for more than 20 years. Up to now, more than 70.000 free eye surgeries have been conducted

This wonderful project was started by Swami Sri Kaleshwar in 2001. For him the service to others was of uttermost importance, to leave a significant impact on other people’s lives. He said that the real enlightenment is when someone looks into your eyes with gratitude because you have done something to remove their suffering. 

We would like to invite you to become a sponsor and make a donation to help keep the Navyashree Free Eye Hospital alive and continue to improve the wonderful service that is offered free of charge to people in need. All donations however small or big would be gratefully received. Please send your donation with your Paypal account or other payment method.

How can you support? What is needed?

  • Disposable medical supplies
  • Pre and post operated drugs
  • New lenses (cataract surgery)
  • Spectacles (each patient receives their free prescribed glasses)
  • Salary of the Doctor (Dr. Kanneganti Bhaskar)
  • Salary of the medical staff (1 Ophthomolic Assistant, 1 Operation theatre Assistant, 2 Staff nurses and 3 temporary assistants)
  • Food, water and overnight accommodation (for the patients and their accompanying family members)

All services are provided completely free of charge for the patients. Otherwise they would not be able to receive treatments.

The average cost of the operation for 1 eye is INR 3.600 / USD 43.

After one month of running, we can say that the average monthly cost of providing these medical services at Navyashree Free Eye Hospital is INR 300,000 / USD 3,600.

The work of this hospital and the other charities of the Shirdi Sai Global Trust (SSGT) depends on the generous donations of open-hearted people. If you would like to support this work you can donate with your Paypal account or other payment method.

History of the Hospital

As early as 2001, the Shirdi Sai Global Trust (SSGT) has been conducting free medical eye camps to the poor villagers in India. In November of that year, it had operated on over 1,000 patients inflicted with many ocular disorders. All patients were provided food, accommodations, transportation and glasses free of cost.

In 2007, with the support of SSGT, the Navya Sri Eye Clinic was created. Named after the daughter of the SSGT founding chairman, Sri Kaleshwar, the first ever eye clinic in this area was established.  The goal is to provide state of the art surgery for the elimination and prevention of various eye diseases such as cataracts.

Thousands of surgeries have been performed, and the clinic provides much needed ocular health care. Essential medical equipment, ambulance vehicles, operating facilities and support staff, have been provided to meet this overwhelming need of people who would otherwise not be able to afford proper care. Since its creation, the clinic has doubled its physical location size, and the number of eye surgeries have expanded significantly.

Sri Kaleshwar personally donated vehicles, ambulances and mini buses to transport patients to and from the hospital. After Sri Kaleshwar’s passing in 2012, the Navya Shree Free Eye Hospital had to close due to lack of funds and support.

With the help of many people the hospital was reopened in January 2014 in a beautiful new building with modern equipment.

Summer 2023

Unfortunately, due to external circumstances, there has been a massive standstill in the work of the Navyashree Eye Clinic over the last 3 years. However, we have been able to construct a new building on the Trust site. The last appeal for donations was very successful thanks to your support. We were able to purchase the new operating bed and modern technical instruments worth $ 2,400.

Update December 2023

On Swami's birthday on 8 January 2024, a great heartfelt wish will come true - the Navyashree Eye Clinic will be festively reopened on this special day. We are delighted that the first medical check-ups and operations can begin very soon.

The treatment is completely free of charge for patients. It includes transport to and from their home, medical care (pre-examination, operation, medication, follow-up examination), accommodation and meals.

Our current plan is to perform up to 100 free operations per month. Of course, this involves a lot of running costs as well as some new purchases.