Sri Kaleshwar’s coming to Penukonda was predicted four hundred years ago when another powerful saint, Virabrahmhendra, sat at the mouth of one of the Yagantri caves and wrote an extraordinary manuscript: a detailed chronicle of future events called the Kalajnana, which is now considered a national treasure of India. It accurately predicted world events—in India and abroad—as well as the personal details of many individual’s lives.

One such account foretold the coming of a young man who would come like a diamond from stone, whose soul bears the energy of Mother Divine. He would come in our time — at the turn of this century — to bring extraordinary light and astonishing knowledge to the world. The Mother, Adishakti Parashakti, would accept his pujas (worship). She would listen and answer his prayers. He would be an incarnation of love with extraordinary power. Just having his darshan (seeing him) was enough in their lifetime. Those who believed in him would automatically receive the energy and power from him. He would spread the supernatural power channels to all the souls who were interested in learning them from him. He would bring the real Jivanmukti (liberation from rebirth).

"Every soul has the potential to reach the level of a Shirdi Baba or Jesus and contribute amazing things to the world…That’s my golden statement."

People from around the world have witnessed Sri Kaleshwar’s divine gifts: hundreds of miracles have been documented; thousands and thousands have experienced healings by him; his books and teachings reveal knowledge never before given to the world; he travels the globe helping and healing more and more people each year, as well as giving talks on the depth and breadth of the sacred knowledge of India that has been passed down to him. Yet, when asked what he feels is his greatest gift to the world, he simply says, “My students.”

“Every soul has the potential to reach the level of a Shirdi Baba or Jesus and contribute amazing things to the world,” Sri Kaleshwar says. “Everybody can do it. That’s my golden statement. That’s my mission. Everybody’s equal. What did Jesus Christ say? Who really trusts in him—they will become more powerful than him. That means all his students. Everybody’s equal.” Sri Kaleshwar believes that it is a master’s duty to teach the knowledge to the student so he or she can reach this level not to keep them as students or devotees forever. “Studentism is a kind of slavery, “ Sri Kaleshwar says. It is his heartfelt desire to create spiritual masters that are “greater” and more powerful than he is. 

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Bringing The Ancient Knowledge To The World

“The only difference between the master and the student is knowledge,” says Sri Kaleshwar. “The master knows certain things that the student does not yet know. If I’m eating a mango, it’s crazy just to say to you, ‘This is so sweet!’ You must taste the sweetness for yourself.” Sri Kaleshwar says that you must have that knowledge and that it is his dharma, his duty, to bring the ancient knowledge of the great rishis of India to the modern world. For thousands of years this knowledge has been hidden and protected, taught only to a few. Now is the time for the world to receive the knowledge and energy of the powerful spiritual systems written about in the ancient manuscripts.

How this knowledge and power is being used to help humanity is important. This is the wisdom that Sri Kaleshwar is giving open-heartedly to the world. He is a spiritual master intent on making more spiritual masters—hundreds more—who in turn will have the capacity to make hundreds and thousands more. All of them will be trained to bring enlightenment and healing to mankind during these critical times.

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According to Sri Kaleshwar the current state of spirituality is deeply unfortunate. He believes many saints have ruined spirituality by keeping the real knowledge hidden, justifying their refusal to give it to the world by saying such things as, “A crow is a crow, it can’t become a peacock.” Sri Kaleshwar says that this is simply egoism. He believes that each person is a child of the same God. Sri Kaleshwar heartfully advocates that everyone is worthy of this knowledge and it should and must be given to the world. He is changing the way people view a spiritual master. He teaches that you should look at a spiritual master as a friend, a brother, guide and your dearest well-wisher, not as a god.

He also disagrees very strongly with masters who say one thing and do another and who tell their students to always follow rigid guidelines—such as being vegetarian, abstaining from alcohol or sex—yet, secretly enjoy these things themselves. He teaches that this is hypocritical. He does teach that dikshas (guidelines and restrictions) are necessary to achieve certain energies while doing a particular spiritual practice; just as the length and breadth of each practice is specific, so are the dikshas that come with it. In general, however, Sri Kaleshwar does not ask his students to follow stringent lifestyle restrictions. He teaches that it is a crime to kill a person’s happiness and argues that this is not an expression of real spirituality.

Sri Kaleshwar’s mission is to change the way spirituality is practiced—to bring a new level of spirituality to all mankind—one that will bring happiness to every person’s heart—one that will change the world’s belief system. This is his duty, his dharma. Everything he does is to fulfill this pledge.

Every soul has the potential to reach the level of a Shirdi Baba or Jesus and contribute amazing things to the world…That’s my golden statement.

Sri Kaleshwar’s Mission and Philosophy

It is Sri Kaleshwar’s mission to bring peace in the world and create love in humanity. His message is about the importance of being forgiving and having a loving heart. All of spirituality is based on human kindness and the desire to help others. He advises everyone to do some form of social service for those less fortunate than themselves. He says, “If you care, you have to share.” He also says that helping others is the means by which you lift your own soul.

Sri Kaleshwar teaches that everyone must work toward bringing peace and creating love in their families, communities and the world. Especially parents, teachers, and government servants must work to create the right environment for children, educating them to perform good actions and creating a desire in them to make a positive contribution to their community. These eternal truths must be stitched into the fabric of life through the guardians of the societal structure.

“When you are helping people, that great happiness, that is incredible! Whatever benefits people are getting from you, whatever benefit the heartbroken person is getting, your soul is getting higher and higher, more and more powerful. Without your notice, your soul is like a raw diamond. Then you are cutting it in a beautiful way making it so dazzling. That energy, making your soul so dazzling, is one type of meditation. Helping people is one way to realize God.”

In his effort to bring healing to the world, he has stated his desire to create millions of healers and many spiritual masters to help relieve humanity’s suffering. Through the ancient knowledge he teaches, people from all walks of life learn to open to and develop the healing energy that flows from God. This energy, combined with a compassionate and forgiving heart, can relieve the great heartbreak and depression that Sri Kaleshwar sees in the world. In addition, these healing techniques can also be used to heal all kinds of diseases.

Unity of All People  and Religions

While Sri Kaleshwar is a Hindu by birth and honors Hindu practices and teachings, he is a saint for all people and for all religions. He accepts all. He teaches that there are as many pathways to God as there are souls seeking God.

Further, he says, “I am teaching the divine tradition. It’s not limited to any one religion. I belong to the religion of truth and love.” It is the eternal, universal truth that Sri Kaleshwar says applies at all times, in every person, everywhere.

“All communities, all castes and creeds are one. Ishwara, Allah and Jesus are one. It is the crystal clear truth of the God energy. God comes in human form to relieve the suffering of the world.”