Sri Kaleshwar

January 8th 1973 - March 15th 2012

Sri Kaleshwar was a modern spiritual master in the lineage of Shirdi Sai Baba, Jesus Christ, Babaji, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Ramana Maharshi. His life's mission was to bring the Jesus Channels (Sapta Rishi Channels) back into the world and to connect his students with Mother Divine, who is the highest creator. He taught the knowledge of how to connect your human soul to the Divine soul through the knowledge of the 5 elements and many other powerful sacred processes. All his teachings came from the ancient palm leaf books which are up to 7.000 years old, which he studied for many years. Through his greatness he was able to condense the ancient formulas into a manageable form for modern times.

"What I am teaching, it’s like a university degree, PhD - like direct Doctorate. You know Doctorate, hooking everybody but different. Different types of healing, different types of stuff, different types of traditions... We are almost all spending our time in the scientific reasons, but there is the greatest thing in the universe and that is the cosmetic energy, that is the spiritual energy. That spiritual energy is powerful than everything - is the highest supernatural thing."

"There is the knowledge of two thousand years - that’s not my knowledge. That knowledge whatever I learn, I tested then I feel it’s very good – that same tasting I’m giving - eat everybody... In the universe, this kind of mentality masters - very less, it is true, are you understand? In the universe, like this giving of the formulas, teaching things – very, very rare - nobody cannot teach. It is not my knowledge, is knowledge of... you can test the paper how it’s old – that palm leaf, some carbon testings… what is it says... have them test. It is not my words, it is not my knowledge - is knowledge of Supernatural Saints."