Handicap Tricycles

This program began in 2001 with the first donation 500 tricycles especially designed for people with handicaps or disabilities. The Shirdi Sai Global Trust (SSGT) continues to provide disabled members of society a way to actively participate and make a difference in their lives and in society.  Since then, thousands of these tricycles have been given out. During Christmas 2008, SSGT and its chairman Sri Kaleshwar donated over 1000 tricycles to the physically handicapped community.

Mass Marriage For Economically Needy

In the Indian tradition, a wedding is a celebration into one of life’s most important chapters. Marriage is sacred and an essential part of human integrity and right of passage for many into family life. For those who cannot even afford this fundamental ceremony, the Shirdi Sai Global Trust (SSGT) has sponsored hundreds of couples to come together for this singular event. At a recent function, over 60,000 attendees, family members and guests participated in this mass marriage celebration where over 500 couples entered into matrimony. All 60,000 guests were fed for this occasion.

In 2007, over 500 additional couples were married on the SSGT premises. As a gift of support, all newlyweds received a new sewing machine from SSGT so that a financial livelihood could be provided to the new couple, and benefit would be provided for their community.

Who cares if a person has incredible powers? You have to understand people’s pain and their love. When your heart is open for them, then you are a big healer. You are a healer. The healing energy is bleeding from your heart. It is bleeding from your soul. Whatever disease, sickness, or emotional problems the person has, you can easily heal that person with your love.

Sri Kaleshwar

Veterinary Hospital

In 2007, Sri Kaleshwar and SSGT inaugurated a veterinary hospital in one of the remote areas of the state. For farmers and herders, the health and well being of their livestock directly affects their crops and livelihood. Understanding the needs of the common farmers of this country, SSGT created this veterinary hospital to serve their local community.

Temple Construction & Renovation

Shirdi Sai Global Trust, its chairman and trustees are committed to preserving and building India’s spiritual heritage. Over the past 10 years, SSGT and chairman Sri Kaleshwar have built new temples and renovated older abandoned buildings, instilling a sense of rejuvenation and interest in this country’s deep spiritual roots. Here are only some of the temples which benefited from this works:

  • Chaudeshwari Ammawaru Temple (Bukkapatnam Village)
  • Valmiki RamaTemple (Bukkapatnam Village)
  • Umamaheswara Swamy Temple (Galiveedu Village)
  • Shirdi Baba Temple (Madakasira Village)
  • Shirdi Baba Temple (Guttur Village)
  • Bhabhia Ursu Masjid (Penukonda – 2000 people fed)
  • Sri Kalahasti Temple (Gyanana Prasunamba Goddess)
  • Sri Madvirat Veera Bramhanda Swami Temple (Kalyanamandapam)
  • Sitaramanjanaya Temple (Mangapuram)
  • Sri Channakesava Swamitemple (Pamadurti)
  • Baba temple (Nallamada)
  • Baba Temple (Guttur)
  • Bandimetta Anjanayula Swami Temple

Temple Broadcast Speaker Systems

On August 28, 2008, Sri Kaleshwar distributed free microphone sets for numerous temples in 65 different villages throughout the Andhra Pradesh region. In his speech, Sri Kaleshwar said:

“Wherever there is peace, stability and spirituality, such places will become well developed, as the part of developing 100 village temples. The free distribution of broadcast speakers will be made to the 65 villages”.

“This microphone distribution is intended to make all the people in each village, listen to God’s words every day; keeping aside all the misunderstandings among each other and turn towards God and develop spirituality among them. This will help maintain peace in these villages”.

It is s very very important, do or die, at least try to protect ten people around you, in all angles; emotionally, healthily, orphanage, old age home, whatever it is. Create a love cycle. A love circle…it helps. In a good Karma Sadhanta, karmically it helps to us and it helps to you, and it helps to your family. I know you, and you are busy…but, help them. The globe is starving. Millions, of millions, of millions of people is a starving for the help.

Sri Kaleshwar

Adopt A Village Project

In January 2008, Sri Kaleshwar, the chairman of SSGT, took a bold step by adopting 100 villages within the local district of Ananatapur. These villages lacked basic humanitarian and sustainable infrastructure such as water, roads, sanitation and electricity to live and work. It is the goal of SSGT to lead the way for rural development and social standards. By taking steps like this, many villages now have the basic needs to grow and develop their communities and promote economic growth.

Local Roads & Economic Rejuvenation

In January 2008, Sri Kaleshwar and SSGT donated $250,000 (one crore rupees) for the development of Penukonda municipality, affecting 18 sections of Penukonda Village. Cement roads were constructed.

In addition, $70,000 (30 lakhs) has been reserved for development of a “Model Market”, which would infuse into older, rundown areas of the district. This work would provide badly needed sanitation and drainage facilities for the town.

Sri Kaleshwar has also committed to constructing a Community Marriage Hall, which will be particularly useful for the poor people.

National Highway Development

On May 9th, 2008, Sri Kaleshwar, chairman of SSGT, committed financial assistance to the local government for constructing a road into Penukonda as a local extension from National Highway No. 7. The estimated cost is nearly $545,000 (2.19 Crores of Rupees). The road will be constructed from the top of Penukonda mountain, and will include a bridge connecting the mountain lake located on top of the mountain. Once constructed, the road will have 19 turning points till the foot of the mountain, where it will connect and join National Highway No. 7.

Support & Development With Local Government

The philosopy of SSGT is to work closely with and support a standard of cooperation with local and state governments. With the support of these municipalities, unity and cooperation of private charitable trusts and government officials, most of these projects are longer term successes. Working with many Sarpanchas (local district representatives), Sri Kaleshwar and SSGT have donated thousands of dollars to government sponsored projects and developments.

On April 17th, 2008, Sri Kaleshwar invited the leaders of 100 villages to Siva Sai Mandir to give their applications regarding the problems they are facing in their villages, specifically drinking water facilities. By April 27th of that year, a new set of borewells was completed.