Ancient Knowledge

After 2,000 years this knowledge has come up with proof and evidence.

The mission of Sri Kaleshwar is to bring a new kind of spirituality that creates happiness in every person’s heart, to change the world’s belief system and the way spirituality is practiced in the world, to make your life a divine message to this planet and to create spiritual masters, not students.

Stages of spiritiality

You have to go through whatever human beings, every soul on this planet, have been going through, both the happy things and the terrible things. Only then you can reach and achieve this goal. Spirituality is a big subject. It’s like a big ocean. All the minerals are there in the ocean. We don’t need to take each drop of ocean water to test for the minerals. Take one small drop of the ocean; test that. One drop is enough. One small process of God is enough to experience His huge love. It’s enough. For that experience you have to completely open your heart.

There’s an unbelievable huge light hidden in us. Through certain processes you have to bring that energy up then everything will be possible for you to recognize yourself. Once if you recognize yourself then you can recognize the highest divine souls in the universe.

Ancient sacred formulas Mantras and Yantras - the shortcuts to the Divine

How did the ancient saints and powerful divine souls, become very successful in the universe? Why could Shirdi Baba demonstrate miracles? Why could Jesus do miracles? Why could Buddha do miracles?

Saints were born as humans. We’re all equal. You have a lot of abilities. There’s an unbelievable huge light hidden in us. Through certain spiritual processes we can bring that light up.

Integrating and implementing cosmic energy

For thousands of years throughout ancient India people had pure devotional hearts. There are supernatural formulas in the manuscripts, mantras and yantras, which show how to connect to the Cosmic energy.

That information has been lost for thousands of years. It has been kept a secret. The masters didn’t release it to the public. Or, if they released it, they did not give perfect guidelines to implement it. Students have no one showing them how to drive the car.

In this Kali Yuga, this century, people’s minds and psychology are different. In the present situation you need this yuga’s knowledge and super shortcuts.

Direct experiences of the Divine are necessary

Some people meditate for three years, ten years, or thirty years, and nothing happens. You have to pull the energy and you have to purify. You have to suck the energy to develop and get certain abilities in you. Without practice, without hard work, there’s no way to get success in spirituality. Faith, willpower and patience will automatically develop in you if the most importance is given to concentration on you and meditation. Everything will come but you have to do it with your pure, open heart.

Only spiritual processes will bring spiritual abilities

It depends how much you do japa that determines how much success you will get. Whatever japa you do with strong inspiration, that brings to you, to your soul, to your path, to your great success. The soul is like a chicken in the egg. Through certain processes, you can create a mechanism in your body, like an egg creation. Then one day you can come out from the egg, walking out like a small chicken. That is soul traveling, going out and again getting back to your body. Learn those channelings.

Still the channels are available and the doors are open for us from the Nature. This ancient Divine knowledge is coming back again. If we follow that knowledge, we will have the results.

Mantra and Yantra for highest soul energy

Any saint, any person, who wants to win spirituality, has to go through these three doors—mantras, yantras, and the creation of a new divine energy. When we combine a mantra and a yantra and implement those energies together, we create a new high divine energy. You are chanting the mantra and visualizing the yantra to create this new energy. If you miss even one door, you can’t reach your goal.