Kaleshwar Vaastu

Kaleshwara Vaastu- An Ancient Knowledge System Taught by Sri Kaleshwar

Vaastu is the ancient science of architecture that reveals how to design, build and/or alter a home and property to be in harmony with nature. Through this science the powerful forces of the five elements can be harnessed so that buildings and properties generate positive energy and strong protection circles for the inhabitants. Sri Kaleshwar says that through the use of Vaastu you can solve 80% of a person’s problems and bring peace, prosperity, power and happiness into his or her life. He also says that becoming skillful in Vaastu is an important part of becoming a spiritual master. 

We gain great support with the five elements by following the guidelines of the ancient science of Vedic architecture known as ‘Vaastu’. Vaastu is the knowledge of how the energies of the five elements affect us through the structures in which we live and work. The reality of our current times is that negativity greatly outweighs the positive. The design, placement and construction of buildings and properties is a defining factor in whether our lives are influenced in a positive or negative way.

Sri Kaleshwar experimented with the practical applications of Vaastu. His applied knowledge has led him to a new understanding and approach to this ancient science, an approach he calls Kaleshwara Vaastu. Simply put, it is Vaastu for our modern times that supports not only your material success but spiritual success as well.

There are a few advanced level Vaastu consultants whom Sri Kaleshwar rigorously trained that can help on all types and complexities of Vaastu concerns.  There are also several dozen students who are Certified by Sri Kaleshwar to teach Vaastu, and provide general and basic Vaastu principles and guidelines. In case you want to consult a Vaastu teacher, please contact the student office.



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